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Kaytlin Stead

I was born and raised in a small town in Iowa and now I live in the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina.

In my second year of teaching I held the record for being in the Principals office more than the students or staff! True Story. See, I always thought it was my job as a teacher to teach students the way they, as individuals, learn the best. I was less concerned with the grading system that’s supposed to rate a student and more interested with how they learned. Needless to say, my second year of teaching became my last.

For the next 20 years, I worked with people living with physical, mental and emotional challenges. I found I could use my teaching skills in ways that I never dreamed possible. Coaching individuals in Special Olympics was definitely where I belonged. It didn’t matter if my Olympians won or lost, they were all WINNERS; just because they participated and that’s how we celebrated.

My gift has always been getting to know people, finding out what’s important to them and their business, and what dreams and goals they have. Helping business owners implement a video marketing plan is a natural choice for me. Providing visual marketing techniques that engage with potential customers and increases revenue for our clients is what we, at Videoshortz, are all about. This excites me because while being creative, we can make an impact in the way that people interact with businesses and business owners through video. So, my question is: How can we help you and your business?

Patty Barber

There I was, in full surgical grab, standing on a step stool, overlooking an open chest cavity, composing my shot of a synthetic heart valve replacement, as the surgeon waited patiently. Producing biomedical photography for physicians and researchers more than 20 years, gave me unprecedented opportunities. Not only did I photograph surgical procedures, but also patients, gross specimens, microscopic cells, medical procedures, equipment and public relations events.

Perhaps the most fascinating part of my job was being called to Busch Gardens, by the physician I worked with at Shriner’s Hospital, to shoot photos of a Gorilla’s hand surgery or a Giraffe, born prematurely, that needed braces to stand and walk. I remember the day, they let that little 6 foot Giraffe lose in a small yard to see how she would walk. It was exhilarating watch her run around in circles in her 3 foot pink braces. There was no doubt she was happy to be running free.

Video was among the multi-media tools I used as Biomedical Photographer and I’ve always loved the creative process of shooting and editing. Having partnered with Kaytlin to form Videoshortz, our video marketing agency, has been exciting to say the least.

Together we are able to bring an educational element, as well as a innovative edge to our endeavors. We are always looking for new and better products and services to offer.

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