Effective Marketing Triggers OTO 1

OTO 1 consists of 11 more video with an additional 23 effective marketing triggers that can be used to engage with potential customers and generate sales. Each video has 2 or 3 triggers and they are all short and to the point. In addition, OTO 1 includes a video on the sensory neural connection that explains why people learn so much easier through video.


The package will include: The 11  Videos, A Sales Page, A Sales Video, 4 More Different Covers, 1 More Banner Ad in 10 Different Sizes, Titles in mp.4 and PPT (for easy branding), Thumbnails of Titles, A Cheat Sheet, A Mind Map, 5 Marketing Emails, The License Pack.

The OTO 1 will sell for $17.00 with Private Label Rights.

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