Hi, Kaytlin here. If you’ve checked out our “Who We Are” page then you know I was once a teacher. I consider myself a “recovered” teacher. In other words, I didn’t fit the mold. After only two years in the school system I believed I had wasted four years of college. All that time and money I wouldn’t get back. For a long time that feeling of loss would haunt me and I hid that part of myself from the world.

But life has a way of showing up just at the right time. Enter Special Olympics. I was asked to be a coach for a group of individuals of all age ranges and abilities. It was both terrifying and exhilarating because I never had the opportunity to engage with individuals living with a physical, emotional or mental challenge. I again found myself taking on the role as a “teacher” or was I?

I remember one very special athlete I worked with. We were training for the softball throw for competition. We’d spend hours throwing the softball back and forth, each time stepping back and throwing further and further. Teaching technique was one thing, but during our time together I began to understand just how much I was changed by the determination and willingness to learn from him. He ended up qualifying for International Special Olympics. What an accomplishment! And though he didn’t win any medals, he was a winner to me. I’m so grateful for each and every athlete I was involved with who taught me about resilience, being themselves, their desire to learn and my willingness to be taught.

Today I embrace I am a teacher. Maybe not in the classroom which was once the only way I could see myself using my skills. I’ve learned there’s a balance of teaching and being taught. I now use my teaching skills with our video image marketing company to help you and your business uncover what’s missing, where you need help and how I can be of service. In return, I get to learn about you and your business. A win/win relationship all the way around.

I’d love to read your comments about a time when you remember teaching or being taught!

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