Congratulations in taking a step forward to create stunning videos from your Smartphone. This course is designed to help you get started shooting, editing and sharing videos from your phone.

We’ll start with the mistakes most people make and then we will get into the details of editing with this free app.

Using a step by step approach, each video builds on the previous video and there are examples and tips along the way. The  course is just over an hour in length and the visual guidebook is an additional resource.

The best advise we can give you is: start playing with the app; you’ll be surprised how much fun it can be and what you’ll be able to accomplish.


3 Mistakes and Setting Resolution

To watch the videos full screen, just click on the 4 Arrows in the lower right side of the playbar. To exit full screen click the 4 Arrows again.


The Basics

There are 6 videos in this module and the finished video.

  • Part 1 will tell you where to get the Vlogit app and show you the settings inside the app and how to import your videos and images, as well as, saving your work.
  • Part 2 goes into trimming your videos and color correction.
    Part 3 will show you how to add transitions between your video segments and text and the differnt choices you have for both.
  • Part 4 is about adding audio to your video, like voice overs and music.
  • Part 5 will cover exporting your video and uploading to social media or saving your video to your camera roll (Gallery).
  • Part 6 is about creating a thumbnail for your video.
  • The #1 Reason Revealed: Why Use Video? is the finished video I just showed how to import and edit.


Beyond the Basics

In this module, you’ll learn how to use more of the tools in the Vlogit app.

Part 7 shows you how to split a video and why you might want to.

Part 8 is about timing your text to appear and disappear when you you want it to.

Part 9 is all about adding Picture in Picture (PIP) or in this case Video in Video and also how to add an intro or another segment once you are inside the app.

Part 10 will where to get some extra effects for free and stickers and gifs that you can use in your videos.

Black Friday Special is the finished video using the above techniques.


Creating a Video Ad with Gifs and Text

This module takes you through the steps to making a video ad using gifs, special effects and text. The final video is the finished ad.

Part 11 shows you how to duplicate a video background to make your video longer and setting up the first scene with a gif, a special effect and text.

Part 12 is setting up the second scene scene with a gif and text and timing both to come in and disappear at the same time.

Part 13 builds the third scene with multiple gifs and text. It shows you how to time both to present a solution.

Part 14 adds the call to action and audio from the back end of the music clip to finish the video and export it.

The CompuCats Ad is the finished video that was just put together in the Vlogit app.

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