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Smartphone Video

The 3 Mistakes Most People Make When Shooting Their Own Videos

Mistake #1 

Not Planning

Mistake #2

Framing and not stabilizing your video.

Mistake #3

Lighting and Audio

Setting the Video Resolution

How to set your camera’s video resolution on your phone.

Getting started with Editing

Vlogit settings and importing videos.

Editing with Vlogit Part 2

Trimming video segments and color correction.

Video is in the process: Adding transitions and a Title and text effects.

Video is in the process: Adding Voice over, sound effects and music.

Video is in the process: Exporting and Creating a Thumbnail in the app.

Finished Video Created with Vlogit

Be Yourself

Helpful tip if you are just getteing started filming yourself.

NLP Technique

A short NLP Technique to boost confidence when filming yourself on video.

Editing with Vlogit 3 – Placeholder

Editing with Vlogit 4 – Placeholder

Editing with Vlogit 5 – Placeholder

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