Ever say that to yourself? Maybe silently, maybe out loud? I know I have.

Most of us have a negative voice inside our heads. We created this voice either from something we heard or something we were told early on. Some of us listen to it daily because we made it a part of our lives. It became so engraved within our daily thought routine that we allowed ourselves to use negative thinking as a form of keeping us in line. To be the best creative you, it is imperative to take that negative voice and teach ourselves to look for positive alternatives.

It’s so important as entrepreneurs how we talk to ourselves and how we see ourselves. Calling ourselves stupid because we left out a segment in our marketing campaign or our project “failed” because no one bought into the value we believed it held is counterproductive. Maybe our product launch was held up because there is a mistake somewhere along the line that we caught but tell ourselves we should have been better at catching that mistake and now we have to let our potential clients know our launch won’t happen when we said it would. If we go down the rabbit hole of telling ourselves we’re not good enough then we’re going to have more days where we make critical mistakes. I’ve been there.

Let me tell you a true story. My partner and I have a free “Video Creators Workshop” teaching entrepreneurs how to make videos on their cell phones with an app we have. From there we created a full day workshop for entrepreneurs to come and shoot a 1-minute video of either their product, service or story of their company, download that video to their computer and create an intro and outro leaving with a product they could use for their business marketing. Long story short it was a bust! So many things went wrong and for several days after, my partner and I were so depressed thinking how stupid we were. But what we learned was so valuable. It wasn’t that we were stupid; it was that we learned by breaking down the segments of what we wanted to teach over the course of weeks, not a day, was what we needed to do. But boy, it was tough going from negativity to feeling positive.

We asked ourselves, “What did we learn? How can this benefit us in the long run?” When we could re-frame how we spoke to ourselves and took responsibility then we remembered, “there is no failure; only feedback.”

Would love to hear about a time where you felt stupid and how you overcame that negativity. Please leave a comment below.

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